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Campsite from the air



Rødvig Camping lies beautifully in the scenic nature of Stevns, surrounded by open fields. We have 10 min. walk to the beach, and about 2 km. to Rødvig town with the harbour, and the start of Stevs Klint.

There is room for the active, who wishes to explore the unique nature, geology and history of the area. And pease and quiet for those who seek just that.

Ideal for young families with small children, for for bicycle tourists, and for for those age 50+. Click in the menues above for more information.

We are open all year. From October untill March it is necessary to book in advance, by phone or e-mail.




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Rødvig Camping - Højstrupvej 2A - 4673 Rødvig Stevns - Danmark

www.rodvigcamping.dk - +45 56506755 - info@rodvigcamping.dk