Rødvig Camping has about 160 pitches for caravans, alle of which are minimum 100 m2. A broad belt of trees and bushes surrounds the whol camping, and provides shelter from the wind. And the devisions into sections of 4-6 pitches surrounded by hedges, small trees and rose bushes gives a cozy feeling of  intimacy.

It is possible to get electricity on all camping pitches. 

For larger groups we have a special area with place for about 15 caravans. And  close to most of our cottages there are also camping-units. This makes it possible to combine different kinds of accomodation, for family- and friends et-together.

If you wish leave your caravan at Rødvig Camping between weekends, we have a special "empty-caravan-price" Call us for further information.


DMost of the camping pitches used for caravans can also be used by autocampers. However, if you have a very heavy camper, we have pitches that are more suitable, where the surface is harder, and the entrance is broader. By these special pitches for autocampers, you also find table and benches.

It is possible to get electricity on all camping pitches.

We also have facilities for chemical toilet, grey-water and filling up of clean water.

Rødvig Camping is part of the DK-camp QUICK-STOP programme for autocampers. So if you are on a trip, and need only an overnight stay, this may be a good alternative. With a  quick-stop you arrive between 8-10 pm, and leave aganin the next morning between 8-10 am. The price is cheaper than the ordinary camping charge. And again: you can have it with or without electricity.

If you arrive after 10 pm we have autocamper pitches without electricity by the end of the parking area. You use the camping facilities, and check in- and out next morning in the opening hours of the information.


Our tent-area, for bicycle tourists and small tents, is situated conveiniently in the center of the camping grounds (nr. 156-161 on the site-mape). There are tables and benches, and a small barbeque / fireplace,  which you may use after individual aggreement with the camping-chief. The tent-area is close by the kitchen, dining / TV-room and sanitation building.  In the dining-room you also find lockers for rent, some of them with build-in electric socket, so you can lock your telephone or camera away, while it is being recharged.

If you run into too much rain on your bicycle holiday, the small "overnight-cabins" in the tent area are a dry and cheap alternative to your own tent (find them in the list over cottages, category 1).  It is also possible to recharge electric bicycles in the tent area.

Tent-campists with larger family-tents, travelling by car, can choose among the many places also used by caravans.


The nature is beautifull, no less when covered by snow. Wintercamping IS something very special.

Rødvig Camping is open all year, but from October to March only with prior reservation, and only weekends and school holidays.  Only some of our facilities are open in the winter, but allways as a minimum the family-bathrooms, at least one kitchen, andfacilities for emptying chemical toilet.

If the groud is too soft and wet due to melting snow, we help pull your caravan into its place with a tractor.  Once your caravan is in place, your car stays on the parking-place untill the day of departure.

If you wish leave your caravan at Rødvig Camping between weekends, we have a special "empty-caravan-price" Call us for further information.

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