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Rødvig Camping is for everyone. The division into smaller sections provides for both intimacy, peace and fellowship. There are many issues to care for, when allocation a camping site for specific visitors. We do our best to find what suits each individual family best. Families with young children are usually placed at one end of the campsite, and those who wish to be able to hear the grass growing are offered places far from playgrounds.


Our wireless internet has been upgraded in June 2019, to reach the whole camping area. It is however still  with limited capacity, so do not expect to be able to stream moovies or watch TV on the internet. Passwords for 1 hour, 1 day or one week are sold in the Information.


Dogs are wellcome at Rødvig camping, as long as they are kept on a leash whenever they are outside your own caravan or tent.

You walk your dog outside the camping area, and ofcause pick up any droppins.

There are areas not far from the camping, where your dog can get lots of exercise, and use its energy.

Reception and supermarket


Rødvig Camping has different playground and activity areas. The sand-pit and princess-tower are mostly for the youngest. The trampolin and climbing-wall for those a bit older. And the area with bouncy cushion and burds nest swing is a good place to meet others.

On the crazy-golf course children an grown oups can have fun together.

It is also possible to get a game of table-tennis.

Moon-cars for children are free of charge, you insert a coin, and to release it, and get your money back when it is returned to its place.

During summer-time our swimmingpool area is open. Tickets are bought in the information.

June 2020: We are sorry to inform that our pool will NOT open in 2020. This is due to the increased risk of spreading of Corona-virus in our small pool area.

Alternatively the beach 10 min. walk from the camping is also a good place for children. It is a sandy beach, and the water is usually very clear and clean. If you are lucky, you may even find a piece of amber.

During the school-holiday season, we make camp fires at regular intervals, and bake pancakes or bread on a stick. Parents are allowed to help!


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